Art as an Evolutionary Medium

So many years of image making . . . our species has been doing this since before the days of the cave paintings of Lascaux whether drawing in the sand with a stick, or mixing juice from berries and applying it to leather or a cave wall.  It is a vessel for abstract thought and a means of communicating to those capable of the abstract understanding. 

It was intrinsic to some of the cave dwellers, the artists of the day - just like it is in the present day.  Those of us who are artists, or become artists, frequently start as children with finger paintings and palm impressions, much like our cave-dwelling ancestors.  The imprint of the Hand is inherent in this experience:  It signifies that we were there, a family/tribal relationship, that we were tool users, and most of all - that we could think abstractly.  Art has had a place in the development of the species' mental capacity because it provided an advantage over the "others" who were not capable of that understanding, and so were disadvantaged. 

Art education in public school systems needs funding! The ability and need to create develops in a young person with education, and needs to be part of a child's schooling - other than just private schools!