Tree of Life - 2013

Tree of Life - 2013

Maxwell (b. 1954) is best known for his infrared photography and photogravures, looking to alter the "usual" into "something beyond".  "My imagery could be scenes from a retro-looking Sci-Fi movie . . . ."  Even Maxwell's landscapes, still lifes, and portraits take on something from studies of Shamanism, and the duality of life and death.

The work has at its heart the concern of the care of the planet, and a sometimes a look in that direction with trepidation. When Maxwell finds subject matter it becomes a compulsive act of image capture and the process that follows. "I see the years' collection of images as bits in a narrative."

With an emphasis on composition, his subject matter uses found lighting to convey a sense of mystery and intrigue.  The photogravure process he predominately uses adds a layer of abstraction to the already abstract black and white. Printed on fine cotton rag paper, the printmaking itself is exquisite and occasionally uses several passes through the press to achieve the desired effect. 

What I hope to elicit from my audience is an appreciation for the ponderance factor that grows the more one looks at an image.  

Maxwell has been influenced by the work of Man Ray, Steichen, Weston, and Castñeda - among others.

His work has won numerous awards, and can be found in the collections of Milligan College, the Memphis Academy of Arts, Appalachian Oil Co., Virginia Tech, the Arkansas Arts Center, and numerous private collections.

Maxwell presently lives and works in south central Kentucky.